If you have old electronics you need to properly dispose of please call or text Justin @ 406.551.6513. We are happy to recycle old phones, tv’s, amplifiers, recievers, etc.  We accept all eWaste excluding old CRT Televisions.

From GallatinSolidWaste.org

“Electronic Waste, or e-waste, refers to obsolete electronic devices that have reached their end-of-life. Electronic devices contain a significant amount of circuitry in relation to their other structural materials as plastics or base metals. The circuitry in electronic waste contains precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper that can be recovered through the recycling process.

Below is a list of common electronic devices that should be included in electronic waste streams.

Answering machines Computer Mice Servers
Clocks/Clock Radios (Digital) Mobile Phones Set top boxes
Desktop Computers Modems Stereos/Boom boxes
Digital cameras Monitors Tablets
DVD Players Printers Telephones
Fax Machines Remote Controls Televisions
Keyboards Routers VCRs
Laptop Computers Scanners